Industry: Recruitment (employment agency)

About company

  • Due to the confidentiality agreement, we don't provide the company name. A medium-sized employment agency operating in the Netherlands, employing over 200 employees from the technical and production industries in Poland and The Netherlands.

Cooperation time

  • November 2020 - ...

What services do we provide?

  • Marketing consulting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Employer Branding

Objective. Increasing the agency’s recognition on the Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese markets and acquiring job candidates from the above-mentioned countries.

What actions are we taking?

First of all, due to the company’s marginal marketing activities in the previously mentioned markets, we had to develop a precise communication strategy that took into account cultural and social factors prevailing in Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Portugal. This was necessary, mainly due to the proper management of social media profiles and copywriting, as well as user habits regarding reactions to advertisements in the Google and Facebook ecosystems.


The next step included improving the functioning of the website and supplementing it with the most important elements necessary to conduct an effective campaign. After meeting all the requirements, we started branding activities on the Facebook Ads and Google Ads platforms, supplementing them after the initial period with purely recruitment activities (candidate acquisition campaigns).

Effects of our actions.

We acquired over 3,800 candidates willing to work abroad and significantly increased brand recognition among candidates.


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