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We focus on quality, not quantity. We help companies effectively achieve their goals through digital marketing activities.
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Fields of interests.


We acquire candidates for the indicated positions. We care about the image of employers and agencies on the Internet.


We improve communication between the office and the client. We optimize websites, select communication channels, and create advertising campaigns.

Local services

Restaurants, beauty salons, photography studios, dance schools and others – in the case of local services, there are no limits for us.


There are hundreds of possibilities for more or less effective solutions related to promoting a webstore on the Internet. We select only the effective ones.

93% of our new clients have been working with us for over 1 year.

Satisfaction and adjusting activities to the client’s requirements is our highest priority. We are proud that it is also thanks to us that they develop their companies. Our activities are flexible, so we can adapt them to the changing market requirements.

Selected projects.

See how we helped the companies with which we’ve been cooperating for the longest time.

Starting cooperation with OMG.



During the first conversations, we will determine your expectations regarding products and services, and we'll also audit current activities and their effects.

marketing activities


Then we'll propose solutions that will achieve the expected results, taking into account the advertising budget.

selected actions


We're finally starting to act, and that's what we like the most. We implement or optimize the tools necessary to properly measure the results of our advertising activities. We focus especially on creating growth and development of your company!

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

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