Industry: Recruitment (employment agency)

About company

  • Silverhand is an international employment agency specializing in cross-border employment. The company operates on 8 markets and has branches in 6 countries (Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Lithuania).

Cooperation time

  • May 2017 - ...

What services do we provide?

  • Strategy
  • Marketing consulting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Employer Branding

Objective. Increasing trust in the brand among potential candidates and acquiring candidates for construction/technical professions (including electricians, plumbers, welders, locksmiths, etc.) in all business markets (8 countries).

What actions are we taking?

Based on the defined target group, we checked places and websites where potential candidates are looking for a job abroad. Thanks to a thorough analysis, we were able to draw appropriate conclusions and recommend websites that provide the largest number of quality candidates.

We also noticed the opportunities arising from Facebook Ads and Google Ads advertising campaigns, on which we created a number of campaigns addressed to both candidates and potential clients.

We supplemented all these activities with appropriate presentation of the agency in the eyes of candidates by supporting and sharing our knowledge with candidates – we launched a blog, a YouTube channel and entered into several partnerships.

Effects of our actions.

Over the course of many years of cooperation, we have managed to achieve an annual increase in the number of new candidates meeting the recruitment requirements and business clients interested in employing people from Central and Eastern Europe.

During our activities, website traffic increased by over 85%.


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