Industry: Gastronomy (pizzeria)

About company

  • Harry's Pizzeria is a local restaurant operating in Poznań, offering original pizzas and Tex-Mex dishes. Harry's dishes had a very good reputation, but he was heavily dependent on online ordering platforms, which charged a significant commission.

Cooperation time

  • March 2019 - ...

What services do we provide?

  • Marketing consulting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Objective. Increasing the restaurant’s recognition in delivery zones and increasing the number of orders on its own platform

What actions are we taking?

First, we launched Facebook Ads campaigns, which increased the awareness of local customers about the existence of the premises, its distinctive features, and increased the number of online and phone orders. Due to our successes in the field of Facebook advertising, we have expanded our activities to include campaigns in the Google search network, which allow us to acquire new customers and remind ourselves to existing ones in a complementary way.

Effects of our actions.

The number of orders year on year on its own platform increased by over 70%.


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